150223 FutureLearn ‘Exploring Filmmaking’

I’m in ther process of doing an online course called ‘Exploring Filmmaking’ with Future Learn ( https://www.futurelearn.com/about ).  This is run in conjunction with the National Film and Television School.

For our Week 2 exercise we had to create a short (30 second) film script.

Here is mine.

Living room

Man slumped on sofa watching TV.

Woman enters from kitchen.


Here you are.

Hands plate to man. Plate only contains lumps of melon.

Man looks at plate.

Man looks at woman.


What’s that supposed to be?


What do you think?





I need more than that!



Then get up off your arse. Get a job and get some more money!

Woman turns round and returns to kitchen.

Man throws plate of melon after her.

Woman steps on lump of melon grinding it into the carpet.

fade to black on squashed melon.

150223 Living (FutureLearn Week 2 Script)

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