Posted by: rogerdane | 3 March 2011

A belated beginning.

Well, this is my first blog.

Considering that I’ve been messing about with this internet thing since the early 1990’s and that I worked in the I.T. industry for 17 years it’s about time! 😉

I do the whole Twitter and Facebook thing (for which there should be links around here somewhere but as I re-embark on a life on the ocean wave I figured it would be nice to have somewhere to record what I was doing.

In short, what I’m doing is getting myself back into kayaking.  Specifically sea kayak expeditioning.

I spent a couple of years in the mid-80’s happily white water kayaking in Germany and then never got the chance to carry on when I left.  I’ve always wanted to get back into it but there was always something (work, kids, family, lack of money caused by the previous three) that prevented it. 

So here I am in early 2011 having (by my count) my third mid-life crisis.  For the record my daughter Rebecca reckons it’s my fourth! 😉  This I’m doing it properly.  I have no job (made redundant), I have no fixed abode (living in a static holiday caravan) and I have no dependant children (at 20 & 25 they’d better not be dependant).  I think I have a girlfriend.  I certainly did but in the light of recent events the now famous Facebook phrase “it’s complicated” doesn’t really cover it.  We’ll see.

Using a portion of the money from my redundancy I have a load of kit on order and one of the purposes of this blog will be to give some real world impressions of the way this kit performs along with a record of what I do.  Until the orders start to arrive and I actually get onto the water I won’t be able to say much worth saying and so with a hearty “HURRY UP!” to Brookbank ( ) I’ll sign off.


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